Videopops is a very successful monthly service not only with clients but also DJs and venues themselves. This is because instead of it being a DVD which JUST features one track, it is a compilation which features between 8-15 different music videos. Whether your project is pop, dance or urban – it all works! It is a perfect way of getting your visuals out into the UKs clubs and bars reaching a potential viewing audience of literally tens of thousands – however we wouldn’t expect you to supply us with thousands of DVDs, so instead we offer an efficient and effective service which is as simple as it gets!

For a small cost all you have to do is supply us with a copy of your video on DVD format. We then take care of everything else! (That includes the mastering, manufacturing and mailing).

We have hand selected 200 Djs on the Poparazzi Mailing list who play at clubs and bars that use TV screens, monitors and video walls throughout. Not only is it ‘over 18s’ that will see your product, we also cover Djs who play at venues who cater for U18’s, student nights, gay venues and also over 21’s. The Djs also play at Luminar clubs, independents and pre club bars. No other service gives you 100% guarantee that your visuals will be seen at so many different varied areas of the mainstream market. Videopops is not a subscription based serviced, so we ‘cherry pick’ the Djs who we feel can help break projects visually in their venues with the knowledge that they are 100% bonafied commercial jocks.

The Videopops service literally gives you an extension of your promotional life. It is a way of genuinely getting your visuals playing in a club/bar environment without affecting any potential sales. In fact, if a DJ has not received a particular track via promo, it only encourages enquiries and demand.

As with all of our campaigns, you will receive weekly reaction reports with feedback from the Djs to your video. Reactions are sent via our online system, therefore reports continuously collate information. Reactions will give you marks out of 10 for the video and will also mention whether the video in question came across well on the screens, if it was requested etc. A full and final report is sent out after 5 weeks