The Number 1 Dance Music Promotions Company in the UK.

The objective of the Power Group is to provide a full range of club music promotion and marketing services to run in conjunction with the client’s marketing and release strategies. We aim to build relationships, customising our services to the client’s needs to obtain the best results for their record. We will work hand in hand with the client, leading to greater success and more profitable results for the record and, ultimately, the label. We believe honesty is always the best policy; if we think a particular single or album is not going to fulfil the hopes of the client then we’ll say so. We’re not afraid to lose a job today to gain a client tomorrow.

Power was formed in 1989 and soon became one of the leading dance music promotions companies in the UK.  In the very early days the company was little more than a mailing service sending a handful of records to DJs but as the club music scene exploded during the nineties so did the company. The Power Group now consists of many specialist units dealing with the many specialist areas of dance music from Club Promotion, Pop Promotion, Underground Dance, Breakbeat, R n’ B and Hip Hop, Specialist Radio, seasonal Balearic Island Promotion. The group also includes the highly successful Videopops Promotions and the superb Power Studios.

Why Power Promotions? The Number 1 Club Music Promotion Company in the UK with More No.1s in the Music Week Club And Pop Charts since it’s inception than any other promotions company. Power and Poparazzi have worked on over 300 UK National Top 40 records in the past 4 years. Established in 1989 and still on top over 19 years later.