Club promotion is the perfect way to start your marketing campaign with an estimated 3 million 18-25 year-olds clubbing every weekend in the UK. Club promotion should form the base for your marketing strategy either as a stand-alone marketing tool or working alongside Regional/National Radio & TV, Advertising, and promotional tours. The other aspect of club promotions is that it can be used as a Market Research tool i.e. giving you the ability to see the potential of a track/act before you over budget on Radio, TV pluggers, Video production etc.

Our club promotion service consists of a number of angles and timescales. Each of your projects will be different; we look at each record on an individual basis, tailoring our services to maximise the potential success of each project.

Our objectives will be to achieve maximum profile, credibility, support & exposure for your track/act through Club play, Buzz/Club Charts and through various other media stemming from the Club DJ mailout. The timescales of a club promotion campaign will vary depending on each track, but we generally like to get the ball rolling approximately five weeks before the release date.

An example of a promotional schedule:

  • Week 1 – 3 – Upfront copies to Tastemaker DJ’s
  • Week 4 – 5 – Full Mailout to appropriate DJ’s on Power’s Mailing List
  • Week 5 – Potential 1st club chart positions (Mid-Chart)
  • Week 6 – 9 – Climb in club charts. Possible peak chart position in correspondence to your pre-sale strategies
  • Week 10 – 12 – Possible Release Date

A regular update will be given to you via phone and our online system. All DJs have their own unique username and password in order to get into the online system. Once in, the DJs can see the tracks that have been mailed and react by using the online reaction page. Our reports are constantly collating information which shows DJs comments, regional breakdowns, average marks being returned and remix support info. For more info on this please ask for a sample report.