Applying to get onto our lists.

Want to apply for any of our mailing lists? Think we should be sending you upfront promo’s for you to hammer in your sets? Look no further, you’ve come through to the relevant section on our website…

There are never any guarantees that you’ll get a place on our mailing list (as we do have limited spaces), however you don’t know till you try! To save time, please check out the general requirements for applying (below) and see if you fit the bill!

At present we only service DJs who are based in the UK.  However if you are based overseas please keep an eye on our website as that may change in the future.

Do you…

– DJ at least once a week?

– Play to 400+ people each week?

Are you…

– Prepared to give us feedback on every track that’s mailed to you?

– Prepared to compile a weekly Top 20 Chart and submit it to all relevant promotion companies and chart compliers?

– Ready to give our records / CDs maximum exposure in your sets?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all of the above, you’re taking a step in the right direction!!

The next step is to email us with all of your details. You need to include where you’re playing, what clubs, capacities, how often, what other mailing lists you’re on, a top 20 (so we can see what sort of tunes you’re playing) and also your postal address.

Once we receive that and have had a look though, you will be emailed back to let you know that an application form is being posted out to you. Fill it in, send it back and wait for that phone to ring with the good (or bad) news!!

It does sometimes take a while to get through all of the applications (as we are all VERY busy) so please be patient. You WILL eventually be contacted to let you know the situation with your application.

Thanks for your time…