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Can't Stop Sexy EPLost In Music 2k22Offshore (Kryder Remixes)Breezer (Dale Howard REmix + Original)Never Let It Go (STRICT RADIO EMBARGO UNTIL 8TH JULY!!  CLUB PLAYS ONLY UNTIL THEN)!CalippoMove Your Body feat. Majestic & Local (One Foot Skank Remix)Fight Forever (METVL Remix)Crazy (Complete Package)Love One AnotherUpside Down (MFX2 Remixes)Deeper In My Love (Includes Dr Packer Remixes)Tell You What It IsHot In It (STRICT RADIO EMBARGO UNTIL 30TH JUNE!!   CLUB PLAYS ONLY UNTIL THEN)!!Get To Know YouPerfect Melody (Club Mix & Original Versions)KaraokeThis Ain't RealBig City LifeI Wanna DanceGreen Green Grass (Majestic Remix)Ready For Me (Complete Package)Stay The Night (Gabry Ponte Remix)Dancin' In The Aisles (7th Heaven Remix)